Dec 25, 2009

First of all I am sorry for the serious lack of updates, I’ll do better after the holidays. Second, Merry Christmas to you all from all the staff. we hope you all having a wonderful time.:)

Actress Marcia Cross, 47, and husband Tom Mahoney, 51, took their adorable twin daughters – Eden and Savannah, 2 ½ – out for some last minute holiday shopping in Santa Monica, Calif. on Christmas.

The Desperate Housewives star recently gushed to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her hilarious little girls:

My girls are really funny! They’re actually little jokesters. They do twists on words already. I call them ‘my little minxies.’ They dance, they do imitations of other kids dancing, they make up songs, they make up lyrics. It’s all so silly but every mother just adores their own child and I’m the same way. They make me laugh all the time.

Shopping for the Holidays


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Dec 9, 2009

Sorry for the delay I had internet problems.

6×10 – Boom Crunch Captures

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Dec 1, 2009

I will have the clips up shortly.

6×09 – Would I think of Suicide? Captures

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Nov 28, 2009

Added tons of photoshoots in the gallery, thanks a lot to Rebeca from for them. I really appreciate it.

View more here

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Nov 21, 2009

I’ve added Public Appearances pictures of 2008 to the gallery. Enjoy!

click here

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Nov 17, 2009

6×08 – The Coffee Cup

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Nov 17, 2009

Marcia Heads to work, November 16

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Nov 16, 2009

Added new candids of Marcia in the gallery.

Marcia Spends the Day With her Family, November 14

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Nov 13, 2009

A new video about the latest happenings on Desperate Housewives has been released. Check it out:

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Nov 12, 2009

A nice new article about Marcia, check it out:

Marcia Cross’ role as Bree on “Desperate Housewives” has kept her plate full this season with Bree committing adultery with Susan’s (Teri Hatcher) ex-husband Karl (Richard Burgi), stealing recipes from her new neighbor Angie (Drea de Mateo) — and now she has a plane crash in her future. Buzz is that someone close to Bree could die — possibly her husband Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) or her son Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom).

“I would be shot if I said too much about the upcoming episode with the plane crash,” Marcia tells ET. “Sometimes [exec producer] Marc Cherry says way more than one could say, but since I don’t know that, I am not going to divulge any secrets. There is a big plane crash and people do get hurt because they do in plane crashes, but I can’t tell you more than that.”

Marcia is also hoping to keep plates full this holiday season by partnering with Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity, and the Chinet brand in an online initiative called Grateful Platefuls. Through the program, Huhtamaki, makers of Chinet, will donate $100,000 to Feeding America, which will provide 700,000 meals to Americans at risk of hunger. Folks can participate at All you have to do is log onto the site, write what you are grateful for and pick a plate to display to participate in the hunger-relief program.

“It is hard to pick a charity because there is so much need in so many ways,” Marcia says. “I picked this one because it is a primal visceral thought of my husband or children or parents being hungry. I picked this because it is America’s largest hunger-relief organization, and it is so simple to go online, put your name in and what you are grateful for. It is such an easy thing to do, I thought I had to show up and do that.”

One thing that Marcia, the mom to fraternal twins Eden and Savannah who will turn three in February, will not show up for is the updated version of “Melrose Place.”

“I have a very busy life,” she points out. “So it is not even about what I would do on ‘Melrose Place,’ because I have already done every crazy thing imaginable as the whacked-out Kimberly, but I don’t have a minute in my day left, so I don’t have any plans now … unless they want to float me on a raft and let me take a nap in the infamous pool.”

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