Sep 25, 2012

Marcia was at the California Women’s conference yesterday. I’ve added a few pictures in the gallery.

Event from 2012 > California Women’s Conference – September 24

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Sep 22, 2012

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Sep 18, 2012

Desperate Housewives has been off the air since May, but the Wisteria Lane drama isn’t quite over. No, Nicollette Sheridan hasn’t landed her retrial, but ABC is venturing back to Fairview with the DVD releases of Desperate Housewives: The Complete Eighth and Final Season, as well as Desperate Housewives: The Complete Collection. As usual, the DVDs feature a bevy of extras — featurettes about the show’s deaths and goodbyes and a blooper real, for starters. And then, of course, there’s the deleted scenes, two of which EW has exclusively here as a preview for you.
The first scene is a funny interaction between neurotic queen Bree (Marcia Cross) and detective boyfriend Chuck (Jonathan Cake), after he smells something funny and wants to check the trunk of the car they’re driving to see what could be producing such a bad odor. As you might remember from this past final season, Bree spent much of her time hiding the dead body of Gaby’s (Eva Longoria) abusive stepfather. The situation leads to pretty typical Bree-esque tactics, but in the end, it’s funny. The second scene is a bit more emotionally touching and comes from the series finale — it’s the moment when Susan (Teri Hatcher) tells her girlfriends from the Lane that she’s moving away for good in the wake of Mike’s (James Denton) death. It’s actually hard to believe this moving scene didn’t make the episode.
Both DVD sets are available next Tuesday, Sept. 25, but until then, enjoy two of the deleted scenes from Desperate Housewives: The Complete Eighth and Final Season here now:

Check out the Clips on Entertainment Weekly website here. The first one with Bree & Chuck is hilarious Lol

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Sep 13, 2012

Sorry I am so late for these.

Event from 2012 > Dylan’s Candy Bar Los Angeles Opening – September 8

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Aug 21, 2012

Desperate Housewives > Season Two > Screencaptures 2×05 – They Asked Me Why I Believe in You
Desperate Housewives > Season Two > Screencaptures 2×06 – I Wish I Could Forget You
Desperate Housewives > Season Two > Screencaptures 2×07 – Color and Light
Desperate Housewives > Season Two > Screencaptures 2×08 – The Sun Won’t Set
Desperate Housewives > Season Two > Screencaptures 2×09 – That’s Good, That’s Bad
Desperate Housewives > Season Two > Screencaptures 2×10 – Coming Home
Desperate Housewives > Season Two > Screencaptures 2×11 – One More Kiss
Desperate Housewives > Season Two > Screencaptures 2×12 – We’re Gonna Be All Right
Desperate Housewives > Season Two > Screencaptures 2×13 – There’s Something About a War
Desperate Housewives > Season Two > Screencaptures 2×14 – Silly People
Desperate Housewives > Season Two > Screencaptures 2×15 – Thank You So Much
Desperate Housewives > Season Two > Screencaptures 2×16 – There Is No Other Way
Desperate Housewives > Season Two > Screencaptures 2×17 – Could I Leave You?

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Aug 16, 2012

From season 8 dvd.

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Aug 3, 2012

Event from 2012 > 2012 California Women’s Conference Launch Party – August 2

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Jul 22, 2012

New interview with Marcia. Make sure to take a look at all the pretty pictures at bottom of the page:)

Marcia Cross, the brand ambassador for PLAN’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ initiative, talks about the need to address gender inequality and safety of young girls. Postnoon gets talking to this actress with a golden heart

PLAN has been working on several issues related to children for 70 years now. What was your motivation to support their cause?

I think it started with my own wish to get married and have kids. When that didn’t happen for a long time, I came across an advertisement to sponsor a child and that’s where it all began. Ten years ago, I sponsored a child who’s from Zimbabwe and since then I have been associated with all the good work they have been doing in over 70 countries. The best part is that they are not just giving handouts but they are working to give opportunities that will empower young men and women to make a choice of their own when they grow up. I am a mother of two girls now and I would definitely want them to continue this tradition of sponsoring children in other parts of the world.

This is your first visit to India. Now that you have interacted with several girls, were there any issues which surprised you?

I am quite concerned about girl safety. It’s disheartening to see girls having to cope up with eve teasing, physical and sexual abuse. They don’t talk about it but I think it’s obvious. Men and women need to be taught about the importance of personal space. You cannot violate that boundary unless you are invited in. Apart from that, several young girls drop out of school due to various reasons to support their family. PLAN has been working closely with the local partners here in India to empower children through education and vocational courses. Kids don’t need handouts, they need opportunities.

What really shocked me the most was the concept of female foeticide. It’s horrible that people see girls as a burden, but then I can’t blame the parents or anyone else about this. I reckon it’s a cultural issue in India.

You visit a slum in Kavadiguda and also met the Lambada women. Did they demand anything when you interacted with them?

Absolutely nothing, which took my by surprise. They have never seen me on TV. They just wanted to tell somebody, ‘Thank you for giving me this chance. Thank you for listening and teaching’. It was such a relief to me because they were responding to another human being.

Has your perception of India and the kind of work that PLAN has been doing changed after this visit?

My biggest fear when I decided to come here was whether the poverty and heartache will be too much for me to handle and I wondered how PLAN is doing any good in these communities. But all those fears have been allayed after I saw hundreds of faces brimming with joy, happiness and hope.

Now that you are a mother of two girls, has this cause become closer to your heart? How are you planning to carry forward this ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign?

I have two sisters and now I am a mother of two. In a way, I have always been inclined towards girls, so yeah, I guess it’s more personal now. We are planning to light up the Empire State building in pink and white on the eve of International Girl Child day to raise more awareness and funds to support PLAN’s initiatives in various countries.

Desperate Housewives, the TV series, made you incredibly popular. Do you feel a sense of vacuum now that the series is over?! It’s a big relief that the series is over. I do miss the people a lot but now I have a lot more time to spend with my family and friends. When I was working, I was totally cut off from my friends because of my work and family. There’s no such thing as balance. I am naturally slow paced and right now, it feels nice. I have been travelling in India for the past nine days and I terribly miss my girls.


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Jul 21, 2012

Marcia ( & other) have tweeted pictures of her trip to India. here they are below in case you missed them. Clicking on thumbs will bring you to the tweets:) Marcia looks so adorable <3

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Jun 21, 2012

Added captures & clips of Marcia in Quantum Leap.

Television Work > Guest Appearances > Quantum Leap > 2×17 – Good Night, Dear Heart – November 9, 1957

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